About the Preserves   Welcome to Artisan Preserves

      Making the best preserves requires using sustainably grown local fruit that
      is not frozen or refrigerated and is processed within a day of attaining ripeness.
      It is hand-cut and cooked by open kettle method without the addition of pectin, and
      is prepared in batches that contain no more than 7 pounds of perfectly ripened fruit.

      Each batch of Artisan Preserves is carefully prepared and adjusted to accommodate
      variation in fruit due to changing seasonal conditions. No batch of preserve can be
      identical because it is hand made and each picking of fruit has it's own character.
      Pleasure of flavor as well as color, texture and clarity are the goal of my art.

What Food Writers Are Saying About Artisan Preserves

   Ruth Reichl; Good Food Awards 2012
      "First Choice"

   Heather Irwin, Press Democrat Santa Rosa
      "Elissa Rubin-Mahon finds some of the rarest heirloom fruits in Northern California from small orchards, wineries, unsprayed open spaces and even private homes for her micro-batched artisan preserves. With the precision of a fine artist, she hand cuts and kettle cooks the fruits without additional pectin"

   Diane Peterson, Press Democrat Santa Rosa
      "Master Jammer"

   Marrion Burros, New York Times
      "Deeply Flavored"

   Eugenia Bone, Well Preserved, Denver Post
      "World Class"

   Food and Wine Magazine

Also Recommended by:
   Paula Wolfert author of Cooking of Southwest France
   Laura Werlin award winning cheese educator and author
   Deborah Madison, chef and author of Seasonal Fruit Desserts
   Laura Martinez cheese educator and author

Preserve Selection
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Blenheim Apricot      
This fragile heirloom variety is part of Slow Food's Ark of Taste (see here for Ark information). These intense and complex sun-flavored organic apricots are from 53 year old trees at Bera Orchards in Vacaville. A soft set deep colored preserve, from my mother's recipe. We use it to fill cakes, almond Christmas cookies, and at breakfast.

Blenheim Apricot Mostarda      
These intense and complex sun-flavored organic apricots from 60 year old trees at Bera Orchards in Vacaville are made into a traditional style preserve that is a little less sweet with a delicate yet zesty tickle of Italian mustard essence. A natural companion to your cheese course.

Baby Crawford Peach Preserves       
Once grown extensively in California, this diminutive heirloom peach was recovered and revived by Andy Mariani, and now also grown by Bera Orchards. It is part of Slow Food USA Ark of Taste. Deep color, velvet textured, juicy with remarkable complex flavors hinting almond, flowers and vanilla. Very limited!

Baby Crawford Peach Mostarda      
Luscious peach flavors and luminous color with an assertive and titillating hint of mustard from Italian mustard essence. A bit with grilled quail or a soft creamy cheese is heaven. Very limited

Fay Elberta Peach      
Organic heirloom peaches from Bera Orchards. Aureate with a voluptuous classic peach taste. These peaches are part of Slow Food's Ark of Taste (see here for Ark info). Bright notes of Summer for a Winter breakfast.

Fay Elberta Peach Chutney      
Organic Fay Elberta peaches from Bera Orchards. This ripe peach, not-sweet chutney is made in a traditional south Indian style with fresh ginger, chili, and whole spices My favorite with fresh almond butter on toasted Red Bird Bakery's Chai Whole Wheat Bread . Perfect with smoked duck, grilled poultry, pork, mild cheese, and of course curries.

Silver Logan White Peach        
A fragile heirloom peach, grown by Bera Orchards, a multi-generational farm dedicated to organic heirloom fruit. Pale gold colored, preserves with a seductive blush. Its flavor is opulent and blossomy. The Silver Logan has been chosen to be included on Slow Food USA's Ark of Taste (see here for Ark info.) Put it on toast. Lick the spoon.


West Sonoma County Wild Blackberry      
Picked creekside from unsprayed areas of our county's treasured "Open Spaces" The intense flavor of the fruit belies its close relation to roses. A dollop adds a rich note to red wine reduction sauces for duck, pork, lamb or venison.

Pieces of strawberry are suspended in a soft set vivid ruby-colored syrup. These delicate berries were grown by Mr. Lao in Sebastopol. The preserve's undiminished glowing strawberry flavor is worthy of "High Tea" with clotted cream, or with crepes for dessert.

Masala Strawberry      
Seascape strawberries are combined with a traditional blend of whole west Bengali spice to make a preserve that boldly contrasts floral strawberries with savory spices to create a unique adventure with each bite. A dollop on top of a mound of plain yogurt is a perfect dessert after an Indian inspired meal or with almond butter in a sandwich.

Alpine Strawberry preserves.      
Whole berry Mara des Bois Alpine strawberries from Lou Preston’s farm produced flowery complex and unimaginably deep flavored preserve. It’s the jar we grab for almond buttered toast, cake or scones.

Raspberry Preserve (Whole Fruit)      
Intensely flavored raspberries from Mr Lao in Sebastopol made a classic, textured preserve with deep floral notes and concentrated raspberry flavor; sweet and tart for use as an accompaniment to rich soft cheeses or as part of a holiday sweet. A tiny dollop will fill your mouth.


Spiced Orchard Pear with Lemon and Vanilla Bean      
Orchard pears from Gene Broderick and Judy Christensen's rare fruit orchard in Sebastopol produced preserves with complex pear flavors and aromas accented by wildflower honey, Mexican vanilla bean and lemon zest with a delicate hint of spice. Enjoy with brioche or on French toast for breakfast, or put a dollop on Fresh Ginger Sorghum Cake.

Persian Quince with Saffron and Meyer Lemon      
Pineapple quince from Gerald Huth's orchard accented by whole saffron threads and Meyer Lemon peel chiffonade to create a sweet and savory preserve for rich meats, grilled Haolumi cheese, or on top of a scoop of pistachio gelato.

Pineapple Quince      
Pale vermillion colored firm pieces of fruit in a moderately set syrup, with tropical and citrus aromas. This fruit was gleaned from artist Gerald Huth's Forestville orchard and Judy Johnson's and Pam Bugbee's Sebastopol orchards. Enjoy as part of a classic Provincial tart, or for your cheese plate. Recommended by Paula Wolfert in The Cooking of Southwest France, and cheese educator and author Laura Werlin.

Spicy Quince with Chimayo Chili      
Tropical and citrus flavored quince from Gerald Huth's orchard contrasts with sundried heirloom Chimayo chili supported by hints of coriander and Mexican cinnamon. A bit zingy it will wake up your mouth at breakfast with cream cheese and toast or boldly pair with cheese, pork or smoked duck.

Quince and Raspberry Preserve with Vanilla Bean      
Tropical fruit and citrus aromas and flavor of quince from Gerald Huth's orchard combine with the rose aroma of local organic raspberries and Bourbon vanilla bean to create a complex and addictive palette of flavors. Serve with Creme Fraiche gelato, or Cowgirl Creamery Red Hawk cheese.

Sierra Beauty Apple with Burnt Honey and Berber Spice      
Firm slices of apple in a moderately set syrup that is made with caramelized local blackberry honey and crushed spices inspired by North African cuisine. Sierra Beauty apples are part of Slow Foods Ark of Taste (see here for Ark info) and are from a limited planting on Lee Walker's Apple Farm.. Use to fill chestnut flour crepes, with creme fraiche gelato, or out of the jar with a spoon.

Newtown Pippin Apple Preserve      
Honey amber colored firm slices of apple in a moderately set syrup with a note of spice. Newtown Pippin apples are part of Slow Foods Ark of Taste and are from a small planting on Lee Walker's Apple Farm. Tastes like my mother's apple pie. Use for breakfast with a Dutch Baby pancake or with popovers, over vanilla ice cream or out of the jar with a spoon.


Black Republican Cherry Preserve      

Rich dense and dark preserves with intense flavor and aroma with hints of rose, herbs and almond. These very rare cherries are grown by Andy Mariani in Morgan Hill, California. Part of Slow Food USA's Ark of Taste (see here for Ark info), they were named by a Quaker abolitionist to honor the end of slavery. Use as part of a cheese plate or with a splash of bourbon as a dessert sauce.

Black Republican Cherries Sweet Tart Spicy      
Whole Black Republican cherries from Andy’s Orchard are poached in a citrus and spiced red wine syrup that is made with Lou Preston’s red wine vinegar Great with smoked meats or rillettes, or as part of a pan sauce for pork or duck. Use the syrup for a sophisticated shrub

Black Republican Cherry Mostarda      
Rich dense and dark preserves with intense flavor and aroma with hints of rose, herbs and almond. This very rare cherry condiment has a hint of Italian mustard essence in the lingering finish. It will stand up to assertive cheeses or with a bit of fois gras.

Black Tartarian Cherry Preserves with Lavender and Vanilla      
Heirloom variety and parent stock of the Black Republican cherry and with dark almost black color. Rich flavored fruit contrasted and enhanced by Provence lavender and Bourbon vanilla. Incredible on a goat cheese tart or crepes, or a nice addition at breakfast.

Black Tartarian Cherry Preserves with Rosewater and Bitter Almond      
This heirloom variety of cherry is grown by Andy Mariani in Morgan Hill. Deep rich black cherry flavor subltly enhanced with bitter almond and rosewater. A surprise in a Black Forest Cake, or with pastry cream in an eclair.


Italian Honied Fig Conserve with Toasted Almonds      
Inspired by holiday packages of fig confections made by my friend Frank from his mother Olympia Francone's recipe. Generous pieces of White figs from Sharon Vaborny at the Healdsburg Farmer's Market combine with local Star Thistle honey, Meyer lemon peel, spice and toasted organic almonds. A hint of lemon leaf completes the preserve.

Honied Fig Preserve      
This sophisticated preserve is lightly sweetened and accented by lemon peel and laurel. It is for the breakfast table or as part of a cheese course. We enjoy it with our local cheeses, Vella Mezzo Secco Jack, Matos Family Farmstead St. George, or Wierauch Farmstead sheep’s milk cheeses. Black Mission figs are from Sharon Vyborny of the Healdsburg Farmers Market.

Fig Preserve with Latin Flavors      
Black Mission figs from Sharon Vborny at the Healdsburg Farmers Market combine with coffee from Ritual Roasters, piloncillo, vanilla, Meyer lemon peel and spices. Warm rich flavors for Winter comfort. Use to fill a bittersweet chocolate cake, for a sweet empanada, or with almond butter on whole grain bread for a sandwich on your favorite hike.

Lebanese Honey Fig Conserve with Mastic and Sesame      
Generous pieces of white figs combine with Orange flower honey, mastic, and toasted sesame for a unique preserve. Adapted from a traditional Lebanese recipe floral honey counterpoints a delicate hint of smoky, resinous mastic tears from the island of Chios in Greece. A bit of toasted sesame seed, and spice adds to the dramatic flavor of this preserve. Enjoy with feta and mint or in a filo pastry to end a Mediterranean style meal.

Provence Fig Preserve      
This Mission fig preserve has hints of lemon peel, lavender and anise and concentrated fig flavor. It is lightly sweetened with attitude given by a touch of Lou Preston's red wine vinegar. Fruit is from an elder tree on the Raymond Burr property in Dry Creek Valley. It pairs well with aged goat cheese, may be included in dessert or at breakfast.


Damson Preserves      
Diminutive heirloom plums from rare fruit grower Gene Broderick's orchard. The preserve's deep purple color and bright flavor make it an ideal mate for Farmstead Cheddar, or for breakfast with cardamom bread and fresh ricotta cheese.

Damson Ketchup      
Deeply colored and flavored plums are combined with Lou Preston’s red wine vinegar and Sonoma County pinot noir, organic sugar, Meyer Lemon peel spices and sea salt. Enjoy with charcuterie and cheese or to accent rich meats.

Cornelian Preserves      
This tart preserve has flavors of cranberry and strawberry with an exotic earthiness akin to mulberries. This unusual fruit whose origin is Asia Minor, was harvested from Gene Broderick's orchard. The preserve makes a spectacular filling for a cream cake, to sauce a duck breast, accompany a Christmas goose, a succulent pork shoulder or as part of your cheese plate.

Pickled Cornelian      
Whole Cornelian's flavors of strawberry-cranberry and almond in a sweet tart wine/wine vinegar spiced syrup are enhanced by fresh tarragon. Use in place of cornichons for a unique accompaniment to charcuterie, cheese or to accompany lamb or pork or duck.


Salted Meyer Lemon Marmalade      
Hand cut peel and juice of aromatic Meyer lemons from my Forestville garden are salted with fleur de sel gathered on the Sonoma coast, and spiked with Eureka lemon juice from Bernard's Orchard to create and lush and assertive preserve. Great with cilantro and chili for a roasted marrow bone garnish or for an adult preserve for breakfast.

Meyer Lemon Marmalade with Bourbon Vanilla and Rose Water      
Hand cut peel and juice of aromatic Meyer lemons from my Forestville garden are combined with Bourbon vanilla bean and rose water for an intoxicating marmalade that conjures Silk Road daydreams. Delightful for breakfast and patisserie.

Salted "Lemon Drop" Marmalade      
Eureka Lemons are salted with fleur de sel gathered on the Sonoma Coast of California to produce an assertive marmalade with the snap of a lemon drop. Create a sophisticated filling for butter cookies or combine with fresh herbs to garnish savories. Minimally watered fruit is from Bernard's Ranch, in Redlands, the epicenter of old grove citrus in Southern California.

Orange Honey Marmalade: Old Grove Valencia with Orange Flower Water      
The Summer version of our Old Grove Orange Honey Marmalade The fruit is from Bernard's Ranch, one of the few remaining original groves of Valencia oranges in Redlands, the epicenter of the citrus industry in California in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The small fine textured fruit with thin aromatic peel is combined with Sonoma County orange blossom honey and orange flower water. An orchard in your mouth. Versatile with cheese or breakfast.

Orange Honey Marmalade: Old Grove Washington Navel with Orange Flower Water.      We Won!

An ode to the orange groves of Southern California. The Inland Empire Old-Grove orange has been selected for Slow Food's Ark of Taste (see here for Ark info). These are from Bernard's Ranch, one of the few remaining original groves of Washington navel oranges in Redlands- the epicenter of the citrus industry in California in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.The small fine textured fruit with aromatic peel is combined with Sonoma County orange blossom honey and orange flower water. An orchard in your mouth. Versatile with cheese, duck or breakfast.

Blood Orange Marmalade with Gentian Bitters      
A sunrise colored marmalade created from Bernards Ranch fruit. Hand cut peel and the oranges' juice are combined with cane sugar and lemon juice for a not-too-sweet preserve with intense whole fruit flavor. A nip of Gentian bitters provides subtle floral and herbal accents.

Sudachi Marmalade      
An adventurous preserve made from a small, rare Japanese citrus that originated in Tokushima Prefecture in southern Japan. Akin to Yuzu, it is a cross between mandarins and Ichang Papeda, a relative of kaffir lime. Sudachi are known for their tangarine aroma with spicy hints of pepper and cumin and dill. A happy surprise in an almond marmalade cake, as a lively accompaniment to rich meat, or in a vinaigrette for a Matstutake and Japanese persimmon salad with bitter greens.

Yuzu Marmalade      
A rare and aromatic Japanese citrus grown in my garden. Bright flavors, a bit like a Mandarin with herb and pomelo notes, and golden colored. Lovely with Asian inspired desserts or for a special breakfast

Salty Yuzu Kosho Marmalade  
  Inspired by Yuzu Kosho- a condiment made with yuzu zest, salt and chili, that is pounded in a mortar. This marmalade is finely cut and combined with Sonoma coast fleur de sel, red pepper flakes and Sichuan pepper. Remarkable with braised pork belly, grilled sable fish or shellfish. Makes your mouth tingle. Limited Release $20

Shiro Plum and Yuzu Mostarda  
Translucent green and gold Japanese plums from Preston Farm with complex flavors and austere sweetness had a lucky encounter with yuzu that prematurely ripened on my tree. The flavors of shiro plum combined with yuzu’s herbal, pomelo flavors have created a tart preserve that was enhanced with mustard essence. Together they have created a unique condiment to use sparingly for Japanese style shoyu grilled shellfish or meats and Maitake or Matsutake tempura.